SSC Result Board Challenge 2023 (বোর্ড চ্যালেঞ্জ) & ReScrutiny System

SSC Result Board Challenge 2023 has already start all the candidates after the exam results are publish those who are worrier about the result can again challenge the board in their education board directorate. Candidates who fail to see the SSC Result 29th July exam result and fail to get good result can challenge the board for further verification. To challenge the board you must apply to your education board directorate.

SSC 2023 board challenge result

SSC Result Board Challenge 2023 from 29/7/23 to 4/8/23 part time board challenge start Candidates complete the application with subject code to get correct result.

The result of SSC examination on 30th April 2023 will be publish on 29th July 2023. To get SSC 29th July 2023 result all those candidates who fail to get the result have next chance to challenge the board start application now. Under the Ministry of Education you can know the application process for the board challenge on the official website of the Education Board.

SSC Result Board Challenge 2023

SSC Candidates who are worry about SSC Exam Board Challenge 2023 check our registration today carefully to know how to apply. From below you can easily know the SSC Board challenge application process from our registration. The easiest method to challenge the board has been present here. SSC 29th July 2023 Exam Result Release SSC Candidates Board Challenge For Good Results Check Procedures From Here.

SSC Result Board Challenge 2023

board challenge 2023

SSC candidates can apply for the board challenge process from 29 July 2023 to 4 August 2023. Those SSC candidates who failed to see the result and get good result can apply with confidence.

Under Ministry of Education SSC Exam Result Yesterday 28th July 2023 SSC Exam Result has been publish, all SSC Candidates can start board challenge now hoping for good result.

ssc result board challenge 2023

28th July 2023 SSC exam result finally publish. All those students who are worrier about their exam results or worrier about better results challenge your board now. As the results of many students are low, all the students have progress to the board challenge. So all the SSC candidates who want to challenge the board complete the application process without delay.

ssc result board challenge System

You can do board challenge process through mobile SMS for good result of SSC exam. All SSC candidates should send RSC space education board name exam roll space for any subject by writing that subject code to 16222 through mobile device.

ExpRSC <space> DHA <space> 12345678 <space> 109 & send it to 16222

After sending a message to this number 16222 for SSC Board Challenge 2023 application, the authority will inform you and if you get the correct number, you will be given the mark sheet again.

Exp- RSC <space> YES <space> 1213455<space> 013927005432 & send it to 16222

ssc result board challenge application 2023

The result of SSC exam has been finally release on 29th July 2023. SSC candidates were waiting for 28th july 2023 for good result after completing the exam well in the exam center, finally those who faille to get the result will have application process from 29th july to 4th august please start application now.

Many times the examination book is change during the examination by the authorities, due to which the examination number cannot be confirm, so you should complete the application again with your subject code between 29th July to 4th August.