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SSC Suggestion 2024 Are you looking for all subject suggestions. Today 30 October 2023 final suggestions for all students have been publish. Authorities have selected the chapters and presented them to the students in anticipation of good results. Are you through our website – We have presented here the suggestions of all subjects including Bangla, English, Maths, ICT and Science department and Humanities department. These suggestions of 2024 are 100% guaranteed to be available without delay, check our website immediately.

SSC Suggestion 2024

SSC 2024 Final Suggestion has been released by website. Now you can easily collect suggestions through our website. 2024 students who will participate in SSC exam expect good result suggestions are very important 100% accurate suggestions are shown only by our website without delay now download the pdfs on your mobile device and read the suggestions carefully.

SSC Suggestion 2024

ssc suggestion 2024 all subject

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1. Whose forehead broke in the poem ‘To get you, O freedom’?
A. Sumati’s
b. of the cells
c. Sakina Bibi
d. Anjali’s

2. Whose sindhi’s vermilion was erased in the poem ‘To get you, O freedom’?
A. Sumati’s
b. of the cells
c. Haridasi’s
d. Anjali’s

3. The olive colored tank came to town screaming like what?
A. like an elephant
b. like a lion
c. like a monster
d. like crazy

4. Who is Haddisar standing in the poem ‘To get you, O Freedom’?
A. stupid child
b. orphan girl
c. old man
d. boatman

5. What is the identity of Shahbazpur Sagir Ali?
A. Joan is the farmer
b. skilled sailor
c. Dhaka rickshaw puller
d. The owner of Mollabari

6. Who is Rustam Sheikh?
A. Joan is the farmer
b. brave fisherman
c. Dhaka rickshaw puller
d. boatman

7. Shamsur Rahman’s poem has the characteristics of which type of poetry has been successfully revealed?
A. Ancient poetry
b. of medieval poetry
c. Modern poetry
d. Modern poetry

8. Which one has Shamsur Rahman adopted in the use of similes and images in the poem?
A. science
b. the city
c. the nature
d. people

9. What color tank came to the chest of the city?
A. the black
b. yellow
c. olive
d. jam

10. Freedom will come, which turned into ashes?
A. City after city
b. Village after village
c. Forest after forest
d. Field after field

11. Freedom will come who stood on the ruins of the Lord’s house and cried?
A. the horse
b. the dog
c. the cat
d. the elephant

12. Whose parents were massacred by the invaders in the poem ‘To get you, O Freedom’?
A. Haridasi’s
b. stupid child
c. The spitting old man
d. Rustam Sheikh

13. Where is the old man sitting waiting for freedom?
A. In the nursing home
b. along the way
c. Claiming the house
d. In a devastated habitat

14. What is moving the spitting old man sitting in the wind bored?
A. the beard
b. the hair
c. Handkerchief
d. the towel

15. What is an orphan girl of Haddisa standing for freedom?
A. Books
b. empty plate
c. new target
d. Garland of flowers

16. Where is Sagir Ali’s house?
A. In prison
b. Shahbazpur
c. in the slums
d. In Dhaka city

17. What is the name of the bravest man in prison?
A. Sagir Ali
b. Haridas
c. Rustam Ali
d. kest das

18. What is the identity of Matlab Mia?
A. Skilled rickshaw driver
b. Skilled farmer
c. skilled sailor
d. A skilled fisherman

19. Matlab Miya drives a boat in which river?
A. Padma
b. Meghna
c. Yamuna
d. Shitalakhya

20. What does Matlab Mia drive the boat in the fierce storm?
A. Ali Ali
b. Gazi Gazi
c. hey hey hey
d. Joy Bangla Joy Bangla

21. Whose lungs are now occupied by insects?
A. Sakina Bibi
b. Kest Daser
c. Rustam Sheikh
d. Haridasi’s

22. Teji Tarun on what shoulder walks in the forest?
A. Stengun
b. rifle
c. shotgun
d. machine gun


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